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Catch the Spirit

Niagara Frontier District
of the United Methodist Church

Workshops, Fellowship, Vendors, Lunch & Mission Collection

March 2, 2019, 8 am to 3:30 pm
Clarence United Methodist Church
10205 Greiner Rd., Clarence, NY


2019 Event Theme:
“Therefore Go and Make Disciples in My Name”
Matthew 28: 18-20

Don’t Delay - Space is Limited
First Come. First serve.
Registration form & payment due by February 16.

Please share this site & forms as needed
And mark your calendars: Laity Banquet May 19, 2019


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Better Service
through Self-development

Making Disciples starts with our willingness to learn, each day with a new heart, and present this knowledge to others- who in-turn will boldly share, which makes clear teaching lineage so very important. Join the seekers and learners today, and serve your community with adaptability and confidence.


Join us today to gain skill and understanding at the full and half-day learning events March 2nd, presented by some of our area UMC's finest. Bonding & Networking are encouraged, as we learn how to Outreach & teach better -even within our Inner circles.

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March 2nd event cost: $20 per person;
includes workshops, lunch and worship

Registration Form Due
February 16, 2019
{No discount given for a single ½ day workshop.}


1) Select ONE FULL-DAY
or TWO HALF-DAY workshops from class list
2) Please fill out the Registration form completely
– one per person
3) Make check payable to UNYAC
4) Send check & registration form to:

Jessica White
175 Main St Apt 3
Attica NY 14011



{Please visit vendors before workshops and during lunch hour}

8:00 am Registration, coffee & danish
9:15-11:15 am Workshops
11:30 am Lunch
12:30 pm Worship
1:30-3:30 pm Workshops

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Clarence United Methodist Church
10205 Greiner Rd., Clarence, NY

*Remember the Laity Banquet date of May 19, 2019



Morning Only Workshops

(select one and one alternative)

#6 Prayer

Presenter: Pastor Jean Edmister
full Title: Prayer

Most of us long to increase our personal prayer life. We also want to encourage others in our churches and communities to be more faithful in prayer. We will look at some practical ideas to help you. And we will consider what Scripture teaches us about prayer.

#7 Lay Servant Ministries

Presenters: Lucina Hallagan, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Linda Barczykowski, CLM
Full Title: Lay Servant Ministries – What’s that all about?

Have you felt God nudge you to do more within your church? Do you feel as if you are being called to something more? God calls us all to be and to go out to make Disciples. In this workshop you will learn about what it means to be a Certified Lay Servant, Certified Lay Speaker or Certified Lay Minister.

You will learn how to get started on the journey and the requirements to remain certified.

#8 Trustee Best Practices

Presenter: Rev. John Loeser
Full Title: Board of Trustees Best Practices

So you’ve been elected to serve as a Trustee. Do you know all of what you are responsible for? Trustees are responsible for providing, managing, and maintaining the physical facilities where discipling ministries happen. They also manage funding to carry out those responsibilities. In this seminar, Rev. John Loeser will review the Board of Trustees responsibilities outlined in the 2016 Book of Discipline, and discuss practical aspects of effectively carrying out those responsibilities. Trustees are stewards of all that God has provided to the local church, so we will also discuss the biblical principal of stewardship. Rev. Loeser will draw from 22 years experience working with the Board of Trustees at Kenmore UMC, maintaining and managing that facility as a lay employee. He will share best practices he learned while at Kenmore to assist current church trustees to do their best work. Please read “Trustees Job Description” at

#9 We’ve a Story to Tell

Presenter: Barbara Weaver
Full Title: We’ve a Story to Tell

This is a “hands on”, experiential workshop that allows participants to plan for and experience ways to make our stories of faith come alive, meaningful and fun. This workshop will focus on teaching pre-school through 6th grade.

Afternoon Only Workshop

#10 Lay Servant Changes

Presenters: Lucina Hallagan, Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries
Linda Barczykowski, CLM
Full Title: Those Pesky Lay Servant Changes and Requirements

As you know, in 2012 and 2016 there were many changes to the Book of Discipline regarding Lay Servant Ministry requirements. If you are currently a Certified Lay Servant, Certified Lay Speaker or Certified Lay Minister and still have questions on the recertification requirements, this is the workshop for you! Please come and let us help you understand the changes that have been passed.

Half Day Workshops
Offered AM and PM

(select one and one alternative)

#11 The Transfiguration and Our Future

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Greg Van Dussen
Full Title: The Transfiguration and Our Future

The New Testament transfiguration story is an intriguing event, one that leaves us wondering exactly what happened! This workshop explores what the transfiguration tells us about Jesus, eternal life, and our own destiny as God’s people.

The Presenter’s book Transfiguration and Hope will be available at the Workshop. It is recommended, though not required. It would be good (not required) to read the transfiguration passages ahead of time. These are found in Mark 9:1-10, Matthew 16:28 – 27:9, and Luke 9:27-36.

#12 More Than Another Meeting

Presenter: Rev. Aaron Bouwens
Full Title: More Than Another Meeting

Not another church meeting! If you have not said it, you have thought it. What if our investment in the life of the church moved beyond a series of meetings? Creating an environment of loving, learning, and leading, (L3), would move our meetings to something more than another church meeting. The L3 environment will create space for growing deeper in Christ and leading congregations to fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.



Mission Central

Donation Collection

This year we want to offer an opportunity for you to donate to Mission Central through Harris Hill UMC. Harris Hill is our district collection center.

Items needed are:
Black garbage bags 33-45 gallon size
Insect repellant 6oz- 14 oz pump spray or 10-20 wipes
Hand towels for the hygiene kits

Monetary donations also accepted and the fund will be used for future needs.
Checks can be made payable to: GO! Ministry
Or use PayPal with credit or debit HERE:

Pasta and Wine


Pasta and Wine


Pasta and Wine


Catch The Spirit

Discipleship Gathering

Niagara Frontier District
of The United Methodist Church

247 Cayuga Drive, Suite 70
Cheektowaga, NY 14225-1900

Contact: Jessica White
Phone: (856) 401-8200


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